Executive Presentation Coaching

We have extensive experience and expertise in presentation development and presentation delivery working with senior executives at Fortune 50 companies on some of the world's biggest, most important stages. Presentation structure is vital in telling your story engagingly, memorably and persuasively. Strong presentation skills are the payoff for a great story. We will help you create a powerful presentation and we will make you a stronger presenter on any stage.  

Presentation Training

Presentations are the language of business today. The ability to create and deliver successful presentations is important at all levels whether it’s a C-suite executive or a front line employee. Our workshops educate your employees on the fundamentals of successful communications and powerful presentations. We customize content and offer sessions ranging from a few hours to multiple days depending on your specific needs. 

Keynote Presentations

We have delivered entertaining, enlightening and inspiring keynotes around the world on Powerful Presentations, Persuasive Stories, Effective Communications, Memorable Messaging and Striking Visuals. These engaging presentations are based on extensive experience, science and research into the best ways to connect with any audience in any setting. 


Strategic Communications Planning and Delivery

The ultimate success of any program or initiative relies heavily on the ability to communicate and educate effectively. The faster your target audience fully understands your strategies and priorities, the faster they can act and deliver. We have extensive experience creating strategic communications plans designed to educate and motivate employees, partners or customers. We will also help you create communications customized for your specific audience.   


Master of Ceremonies

We perform as Master of Ceremonies for events and celebrations. An experienced, effective MC establishes a tone of professionalism, infuses energy and ensures an event is productive for participants. We have performed as MC for large celebrations and events such as the national Science Talent Search in Washington, D.C. and the multi-day Intel Capital CEO Summit. We have also been MC for smaller events such as leadership conferences and strategic planning sessions. We will ensure your event is well orchestrated and optimized for your audience.